Daily Valuation Services

Meeting the changing expectations of a workforce that continually grows in its understanding of personal financial matters is a daunting challenge for any employer. Offering a retirement plan that gives participants greater control and ready access to key account information via the Internet or a toll-free number is fast becoming a standard answer to that challenge.

The EBR Daily Plan-It™ system gives your employees 24-hour a day access to critical account information, allows them to transfer between investments, and processes distribution requests for daily valued plans. These plans are referred to as “daily valued” because the share prices of the mutual funds in the plan are updated on a daily basis. Contributions, distributions, and investment transfers are processed as they are executed, so employee accounts are current every day. The account information participants receive through the EBR Daily Plan-It™ is updated each evening with the closing price of the funds in their account.

The product of trading platform relationships with trust companies located in Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Colorado, and Great Falls, Montana, these platforms enable EBR to offer your employees (in coordination with an investment advisor) a selection of over 5,000 mutual funds for plan investment options. We offset our fees on a dollar-for-dollar basis for any Sub-TA revenue received from the mutual funds you choose, providing a significant savings to you and your employees.

The employer decides what information and capabilities employees are allowed to access. Available options include:

  • Account balance information, by dollars and/or shares
  • Ability to transfer amounts between mutual funds
  • Ability to request a participant loan or distribution
  • Investment performance information
  • Other general information requested by the employer, such as frequency of payroll or who to contact for payroll information