Instructions for Census Request Information

The EBR Annual Plan Compliance Data Request Form, Census Template and Sample Adopting Resolution are available for download from this website. If you have any questions please contact your plan administrator at 1 (800) 765-9429.

1. EBR Annual Plan Compliance Data Request Form

  • To download the EBR Annual Compliance Data Request Form from the website, click on the link to the Compliance Data Request Form shown above. The Form may open in the current window or ask you whether you would like to open or save the file. Select Save.
  • Open the Adobe Reader, browse to the saved document and select Open.
  • Complete the Form and return it to our office through our secure portal with all the other required census documents.  (Please refer to the Census Request Letter for further instructions).

2. Employee Census Data

Please do not begin the upload process until all the files you plan to upload are complete and ready to upload.

  • A completed census spreadsheet is required which contains the information described in the Census Request Required Fields Form shown below. Excluded compensation (plan definition) should be noted in a separate column. Severance pay is excluded from the plan compensation and therefore needs to be separately reported and noted in the excluded compensation column on your spreadsheet. This information is required for all employees on your payroll during the year, regardless of whether they are participating in the plan or not. The total of the W-2 wages on your census spreadsheet should equal Box 1 on your W-3.
  • A template is available on this webpage. Click on the Employee Census Data Template shown and choose Save As. Save to your computer and open the file with Microsoft Excel.
  • Once the spreadsheet is complete you can return it to our office by uploading to our secure client portal or by mail.
  • The portal can be accessed using the steps shown below in Upload Instructions.  If you upload files to our secure portal you must use specific naming conventions.
  • The naming conventions must include your client number followed by the type of file.
    • (your client ID number) census.xls for the census spreadsheet
    • (your client ID number) W3.pdf for the copy of your W-3 Form
    • For example, if your client ID number is 99111; name your census file 99111census.xls
  • Your client number is shown below your account manager’s name on the Census Request Letter.

Upload Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. In the Login screen, enter your email address and create your password.
  3. When the Summary page opens, select “Send a File” from the blue ribbon options at the top of the page.
  4. On the Send a File page, enter the email address: and in the subject line please put client # Census packet information. Click Next Step.
  5. On Step 2 of the Send a File click the button “Choose Files” and locate the files saved on your computer and add them here. In the Title, please enter Client # Census. Select “upload” button.
  6. You should receive a green bar at the next page saying “Files Uploaded”.

Please do not begin the upload process until all the files you plan to upload are complete and ready to upload.

If you need additional assistance please contact your plan administrator at 1.800.765.9429.

3. Adopting Resolution Template

  • If you would like to view a sample, select Sample Resolution Form.  Once completed, upload through our secure client portal.

4. W-3 and Investment Statements, if applicable

  • Please return this document by uploading through our secure client portal.

*Note: Please include your company name in the subject line of all emails.