Census Request Required Fields

  • Social Security Number – Nine-digit Social Security Number for each employee who earned wages during the year.
  • Last Name, First Name – Employee’s legal name.
  • Date of Birth* – Employee’s date of birth.
  • Date of Hire* – Employee’s original date of hire.
    Note: If the employee has been rehired, please note this in the ‘Employee Status’ section (Code HR and appropriate date).
  • Hours – Actual number of hours for which the employee is paid or is entitled to payment during the plan year. If your plan uses an equivalency for determining hours worked, please enter the number of hours determined under the equivalency.
  • W-2 Comp – W-2, Box 1 compensation earned by the employee during the Plan year.
  • Plan Comp – Plan compensation for the Plan year. Please refer to the definition specified in your plan or on the Census Request Required Fields you received with your census request letter.
  • 401(k) – Employee Pre-Tax Contributions to a 401(k) Plan (if any).
  • 403(b) – Employee Pre-Tax Contributions to a 403(b) Plan (if any).
  • Roth 401(k) – Employee Post-Tax Contributions to a 401(k) Plan (if any).
  • Roth 403(b) – Employee Post-Tax Contributions to a 403(b) Plan (if any).
  • Employer Match – (if any)
  • Prevailing Wage Contributions – (if any)
  • Cafeteria Premiums – Health Insurance premiums, Medical expenses or Dependent care expenses, or Adoption expenses paid by employee contributions to the Cafeteria Plan. This number can be provided in aggregate unless the Plans’ definition of compensation, as noted above, excludes cafeteria premiums.
  • Excluded Comp – If your plan excludes any forms of compensation, the amount of compensation excluded by plan definition needs to be reported, including severance pay, if any.
  • Status – Employee’s employment status on the last day of the plan year. Refer to the following Status Code listing of applicable codes.
  • Status Date* – Effective date of the corresponding status.

* For all dates please use the MM/DD/YYYY format (i.e. 12/31/2014)